The man and woman who embody the Grace of Wealth are connected to something that's beyond this earth. 

You move differently, you think differently, you are different, but in a way that makes you humble, committed and powerful.

You know the paradigm is shifting.

A new teaching about financial Sovereignty

This isn't about making more money 

This is about becoming the elegant channel for exchange

Merging together with that which is already YOURS

It's about marrying the infinite

W/ Ishtara Araminta


Yes, I would like to join

How it works:

Your breakthrough.. You can already smell it. 

You already feel SO alive.

The force around you is already activated.

After these 2 days, you will experience the landscape of milk and honey in a way that blows your mind.

Coming into union.

Melting with the throne of destiny.

You will celebrate the glory of your own identity and relationship with money.

Everything you've ever learned, what made sense, we're going to turn upside down. This masterclass is all about deepening, grounding and anchoring in solid ground. I will give you clarity about how you can move through your business, your family and your life. You will make a choice.